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Open winter family festival "Happy English in a Happy Family"On December 18, the annual family festival "Happy English in a Happy Family" was held on the theme "The Wizard World of Harry Potter". ... Читать дальше »






Poetry Festival "Inspiratio"From December 1st to December 16th, students of Gymnasium 32 took part in the festival of poetry in foreign languages "Inspiratio". A student of the 10th grade O. Yana took 3rd place in the category of individual performance of a poem, having read the work "If". ... Читать дальше »



On November 16, the Cambridge Resource Center hosted the final of the Cambridge Bee English Literacy Contest. ... Читать дальше »






School exchangeOn November 4, the first online meeting with a partner school from Germany, the gymnasium, took place. Students of grades 9l, 9i, 9d and 10g, who want to participate in the school exchange in the future, met with students of the 11th grade of the gymnasium on the Zoom platform. ... Читать дальше »




The third music festival "Islands"The third children's museum festival "Islands" will be held in Kaliningrad from October 24 to November 8. This year, students of the 4th "D" class of the MAOU gymnasium No. 32 take an active part in it. ... Читать дальше »





Dear parents (legal representatives) and students of Gymnasium No. 32. From October 4, 2021 to November 4, 2021, the "Kind Heart" campaign is being held in the MAOU Gymnasium No. 32 to collect feed for homeless animal shelters. ... Читать дальше »





From September to December 2021, the Autumn Cup of the School League of the International Engineering Championship "CASE-IN" will be held. ... Читать дальше »



Contactless payment terminals are installed in the school canteenDear parents and students!

Contactless payment terminals are installed in the school canteen of our gymnasium 32, which are located in the buffets of building A and building B. ... Читать дальше »




On the second of September, the Cambridge Resource Center and the Britannia Book Company held a meeting with teachers in Gymnasium 32. ... Читать дальше »


On May 17, a round table "Methods of teaching German as a foreign language: Traditions, new Challenges, and Prospects"was held within the framework of the international conference held by the Institute of Education of the BFU named after I. Kant. ... Читать дальше »



We congratulate the team of MAOU Gymnasium 32 (Yana O., Lyudmila K., supervisor Bondarenko N. R.) on passing the Ist qualifying stage of the V Interregional competition "Championship for the development of domestic tourism "I LOVE RUSSIA". Now our work is admitted to the full-time defense, which will be held as part of the International Festival in St. Petersburg.

You can get acquainted with our work by clicking on the following ... Читать дальше »



On May 13, students of the 3 "D" class, their parents and the class teacher visited the Fire Station No. 1, the oldest operating in our city. For children and adults, the Ministry of Emergency Situations held a lesson on fire safety rules in the classroom, told about the history of the profession of a firefighter, showed uniforms and ... Читать дальше »





2 Feb 2021 during an unusual English lesson, students of the 5th (engineering) class of the MAOU Gymnasium No. 32 conducted experiments, answering the question "What will happen if...?" The children listed the necessary ingredients in English, told about the course of the experiment and were sincerely happy with the result. ... Читать дальше »





Groundhog DayOn February 2, at the MSSH classes in the 5th grade, students not only got acquainted with an interesting American tradition, but also developed their communication skills in English in a playful way: they practiced reading, asked questions, answered them, shared their impressions and received information. ... Читать дальше »




3 Feb 2021 according to the approved plan of joint activities of MAOU gymnasium No. 32 and the ODN OMVD of Russia for the Leningrad district of Kaliningrad for the 2020-2021 academic year, Senior inspector of the ODN OMVD of Russia for the Leningrad district of Kaliningrad, senior Police Lieutenant Vanina K. V. conducted conversations on the topic: "Prohibition of tobacco and nicotine-containing products" for grades 7-9. ... Читать дальше »



On the initiative of the State Duma Committee on Federal Structure and Local Self-Government, ANO "Institute for the Development of Local Communities" and FGBUN "Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences" from December 2020 to May 2021, the IV Russian competition "History of Local Self-Government of my region"will be organized and held. ... Читать дальше »



We invite grades 10-11 to take part in the online academic reading and listening contest. The duration of the Olympiad is from December 7, 2020 to February 7, 2021. ... Читать дальше »





Students Of the international Specialized School celebrated Christmas Party! The children prepared an exciting quiz, puzzles, songs, plays and of course poetry in English language. It was a lot of fun!!! ... Читать дальше »





In November-December, many students of linguistic classes participated in online contests and quizzes offered by the A. P. Gaidar library. Two students of the 4TH grade made videos for the competition ... Читать дальше »





On November 12, 2020, integrated conversations were held at gymnasium 32 during the Science classes in full-time format, on the topic: "World kindness day" between grades 1-4. ... Читать дальше »






 On November 7, at 12:00, the Moscow Institute of electronic technology will hold an online open day. ... Читать дальше »






Pupils of the 8th Grade ”L” met a native English speaker from LiverpoolOn the 2nd May, the pupils of the 8th Grade “L” met Edmund Coughlin, Project Manager of Support Air Ltd and Director of Exertus Global Ltd from Liverpool. ... Читать дальше »





From 2 to 10 January, during the winter holidays, with the support of the Agency for Sport of the Kaliningrad region and the regional chess federation (president Gahan D.V.) held the festival "Hope" named after I.A. Kopytovsky. ... Читать дальше »






Within the work plan of the "Oxbridge" platform students of our school took part in the annual event "Christmas Musical Theatre Festival" on 23 and 24 December.... Читать дальше »





The charity event "We need you!"New Year is approaching. The excitement in the stores for buying. We are all trying to find gifts for friends and relatives. ... Читать дальше »







Students of Gymnasium №32 attended school number 4 in Olsztyn in order to support a healthy lifestyle, promotion of English, Polish and Russian languages. ... Читать дальше »






On Saturday December 17 the students of 2 form P. Isakov, Nagirny G. and Sivukho K. took part in the city robotics championship "Robo-First 2016" in the "Draftsman" category. ... Читать дальше »












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